Can ECOBIK® be applied to any boiler or furnace?

Yes, but the most interesting results are obtained where the beneficiaries of the applications have real problems regarding:

  • Excess heat consumption (fuel) – compared with the consumption indicated by the manufacturer in the combustion equipment operating manual.
  • Deposits formed on metallic heat exchange surfaces, especially in areas where access by conventional means of cleaning is difficult or even impossible.
  • Emissions of pollutants (CO, SOx, NOx, PM) measured above the applicable limits
  • Problems with acid corrosion of metal heat exchange surfaces

How much does ECOBIK® cost?

In the classic sense, of purchasing equipment and / or consumables, ECOBIK® is free of charge, i.e. it is proposed to pay a guaranteed result, which results in significant cost reductions for the beneficiary, and the stated price is paid only if the guaranteed minimum effects are met, and payment can be claimed only after the economic effects have already been marked by the beneficiary.

Is the price of the ECOBIK® proportional to the economic effects obtained?

It is not proportional. It is calculated as a percentage of fuel savings from fuel consumption and emission allowances at the guaranteed minimum value. What is achieved in addition to the guaranteed levels is an additional benefit for the Beneficiary of the application. In addition, the beneficial effects of reducing pollutant emissions and reducing corrosion represent a bonus for the Beneficiary.

How much do the emission measurements performed by the Provider cost?

Measurements performed for the Beneficiaries of the ECOBIK® Procedure are free of charge. At the same time, we recommend the Beneficiaries who do not have flue gas analyzers to purchase such devices, their use being very profitable for any owner of industrial combustion equipment.