Effects of applying the ECOBIK® process

Direct effects​

  • Increases radiation in the fire room
  • The flame is shortened and more concentrated (angular)
  • Provides advanced oxidation of complex molecules
  • It prevents the process of VOC formation
  • Reduces sulfur to native sulfur
  • Breaks the bonds of cyclic and polycyclic molecules

The atmosphere in the fire room will evolve from an eminently oxidative, to partially reducing!

Indirect effects​

Decreases the oxidation state of the core of molecules forming the pollutants and unburned particles, with the following effects:

  • Prevents the formation of deposits and cleans old deposits
  • Allows operation with very small excess air (for very long term)
  • It allows the reduction of blown – cleansing operation (up to 100%)
  • Inhibits the phenomena of acid corrosion
  • Protects masonry and refractory mortars
  • Reduces sulfur oxide emissions (especially SO3)
  • Reduces the concentration of CO, NOx, VOC in the exhaust gases
  • Reduces the proportion of unburned ash
  • Reduces the total amount of fly ash and bed ash discharged
  • Reduces the opacity to the chimney of the flue gas

Experience and references

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Experience and performance (fuels, boilers, industrial furnaces, fuel economy, emission reduction, corrosion reduction)